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Digital X-Rays
Clyde, NC

Doctor showing x-ray to patient from Carolina Mountain Endodontics in Clyde, NCAt Carolina Mountain Endodontics, we rely on x-rays as an integral part of your oral health plan. Traditional x-rays require the use of radiation, and the images can take a substantial amount of time to develop. To provide you with better dental treatment, we employ the use of the latest technologies, including digital x-rays.

Why Are X-Rays Needed?

X-rays allow us to get an up-close and personal look at places that cannot be seen with the naked eye, including between your teeth, under the gumline, and even the condition of your jawbone. With x-ray images, we can monitor the condition of these areas, as well as locate any trouble spots. We can diagnose issues such as tooth decay, infections inside your teeth, shifting teeth, and bone deterioration. These x-rays allow us to make an appropriate treatment plan.

Digital X-Rays

While traditional x-rays are used in some practices, we employ the use of the latest technological advancements, including digital x-rays. Digital x-rays use electronics, rather than radiation. We place a sensor, which is hooked up to our computer, into your mouth. From the computer, we simply click a button to take images, which are displayed immediately on the computer screen. We can make a diagnosis without having to leave the room.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays offer numerous benefits, both to you as well as to us. One of the biggest benefits is the significantly reduced exposure to radiation. Many patients tend to be wary of traditional x-rays because of this exposure, but with digital x-rays, your radiation exposure is reduced up to 95%. A significant drawback to traditional x-rays is that they need to be developed in a separate darkroom, and this takes time. With digital x-rays, no time is needed at all to develop pictures. We don’t even need to leave the room. Because of this fact, you don’t waste valuable time sitting in the dental chair, waiting for a diagnosis. We can spend more of your appointment with you, answering questions and helping you understand the images.

We can do a lot more with digital x-rays than we can with traditional x-rays. We can blow images up and enhance them, giving us the ability to get a much closer look at the smallest details within your mouth. Areas can be magnified, displayed in color, or shown with negatives. These features allow us the ability to spot issues in their early stages. We can then take appropriate action to ensure that they are taken care of, preserving the health of your mouth.

Finally, digital x-rays can be stored in a digital file. With a digital file, there is no need for us to dig through your paper file to check for older images. We can simply open up an older image and display it side by side with the latest one to check for changes, both good and bad. Moreover, if you need an x-ray transferred to another office, such as a specialist, it can be emailed, eliminating the need for you to pick up a copy of your images and bring them with you.

With the use of digital x-rays, we can provide you with the best treatment possible. Contact Carolina Mountain Endodontics today to learn more.
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Digital X-Rays • Carolina Mountain Endodontics• Clyde, NC
Here at Carolina Mountain Endodontics, we rely on digital x-rays as a big part of your oral health plan. X-rays allow us to get up close and personal look at the teeth.
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