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Root Canal Aftercare Clyde, NC

Young woman at the dentist receiving root canal after care instructions from Carolina Mountain Endodontics in Clyde, NCAfter a root canal procedure, you may experience pain even if you receive the proper anesthesia. The importance of proper post-operative care cannot be overstated, both for the management of pain and the prevention of infection. Maybe it is time for you to learn more about proper root canal aftercare if you have recently had, or are planning to have, this popular endodontic procedure. At Carolina Mountain Endodontics it is our top priority to treat and educate our patients during root canal procedures as well as to assist them in the aftercare process following these procedures.

Caring for Your Mouth After a Root Canal

Infection is a possibility after receiving a root canal. Most germs that enter your body while you eat and drink do so through your mouth. The dentist may suggest NSAIDs like ibuprofen for the pain. Take these as directed even if there is no discomfort. Not only must the pain be controlled, but also the edema that will develop after the treatment. Following the surgery, there are three stages of aftercare. Here is what to anticipate.

What to Do Immediately After a Root Canal

You'll probably continue to feel numb for several hours after the surgery. During this time, avoid eating or drinking anything hot or crunchy. If you bite down too firmly on it, it might burn your mouth or hurt your teeth. It is advantageous to take your pain medicine before the surgery if you were able to get a prescription before the treatment. Pain and discomfort should be hardly noticeable.

What to Do for The Next Few Days

You'll want to make sure you're following the aftercare directions given to you throughout the next few days. Take your medicine as directed, consume softer foods, chew with the opposite side of your mouth, and clean your teeth thoroughly. After a few days, the soreness should start to go away. For the infected pulp to be entirely removed in more severe situations, you might need to come back in to see us a second time.

What to Do in The Future

Even if you are pain-free, keep all of your appointments. A crown will eventually be necessary since a root canal filling is often only temporary. This is because the tooth was harmed during the surgery. Given the severity of the infection and the likelihood that it may sustain damage during the process, it is highly likely that a tooth will need more than one cleaning. Make sure you don't skip any follow-up in any way.

Root Canals Aren’t a Big Deal

There is a significant probability that you will experience more stress before your root canal than after it. Today's operation is comparatively painless, with only a little discomfort following for a few days. Even root canal aftercare is ultimately a straightforward process. Get in touch with Carolina Mountain Endodontics if you think you may need a professional endodontist. We can be reached at (828) 627-1999.

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Our expert's top priority is to treat and educate our patients during root canal procedures as well as to assist them in the aftercare process. Call today!
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