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Root Canal vs. Extraction Clyde, NC

lWoman holding cheek due to tooth ache and considering whether to get a root canal or extraction from Carolina Mountain Endodontics in Clyde, NCWhen you have a painful tooth, it is common to wonder about the proper treatment for that condition. Root canal therapy and tooth extraction are two primary methods for tooth problems. Both methods are ideal and offer good results.

Our dentists at Carolina Mountain Endodontics will discuss with you the benefits and drawbacks of each method. We will help you select the plan that suits your needs and offers the best results for your dental health.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the ideal method to eliminate bacteria in the root canal. The technique helps prevent reinfection of your tooth and save it from extraction. Our dentists remove the infected pulp and disinfect and clean your teeth. We then fill and seal your teeth. There are many myths about root canals such as the procedure being painful or that they can cause illness. However, our dentists assure you from their professional expertise that the process is quick and comfortable and will help relieve pain in your teeth.

The modern root canal treatment method is almost similar to a tooth filling procedure and can be completed within one to two dental appointments. The treatment method is the best alternative if you have deep cavities, cracked teeth, or have problems with the previous filling. If your teeth are sensitive to cold and hot foods or drinks, it might indicate an underlying infection of the root pulp. The root canal treatment is the most appropriate solution.

Tooth Extraction

Teeth crowding, decay, or severe infection can warrant a tooth extraction. You may require tooth extraction to create adequate space if you are considering getting braces. Tooth extraction is conducted by our oral surgeons and dentists and is a quick outpatient procedure. For teeth that are impacted, the procedure is more intensive. Extraction solves any problem with your teeth by removing the tooth, infected tissues, and nerves.

Extraction helps to save the surrounding teeth. Removing the infected tissues minimizes the susceptibility of your infected teeth damaging healthy teeth. However, it will leave you with unpleasant gaps that will lead to the deterioration of bone mass.

Root Canal vs. Extraction - Which is Better?

Tooth extraction will leave you with missing teeth which might require artificial replacement. However, in severe tooth decay and infection, the teeth cannot be saved and must be extracted. On the other hand, root canal treatment is conservative. Only the damaged tissues and nerves are removed. The root canal procedure is the most appropriate for mild infections and will leave your natural teeth intact. This endodontic treatment has higher success rates, and minimal complications are expected. Our dentists perform a root canal and professionally clean and restore your infected teeth.

If you have tooth decay, sensitivity, or fractures, don't allow the problem to interfere with the quality of your life. Visit us at Carolina Mountain Endodontics, and we will offer superior solutions to your problems. Our dentists have world-class experience in handling all dental issues. You can contact us at (828) 627-1999 to book an appointment with our medical team. Achieving a healthy and confident smile is our number one priority.
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Root Canal vs Extraction | Carolina Mountain Endodontics
Root canal therapy and tooth extraction are two primary methods for tooth problems. Our dentists will discuss with you the benefits and drawbacks of each!
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